A vision not forgotten

When I very first became a Christian I attended a very, very lively Spirit-filled Church. The folk who attended the Church were very kind and loving; I soon felt at home.

I didn't know much about Jesus' promised return, but I soon grasped that it was going to happen very, very soon. 

Now I must be clear here: I do not remember the day I had the vision - when I was playing in concert and Jesus suddenly appeared - His Second Coming - but I do constantly feel the Spirit reminding me of the moment as if it were only yesterday.The vision was over twenty years ago.

Today I stand as a witness to God's faithfulness. He has helped me to get over many stumbling blocks - not least being  ill at times. I'm very well now - as friends, family and support workers would agree - but the times of severe illness have been debilitating, (Times in the wilderness, a little like John the Baptist?) Whatever, I do believe that Jesus is coming back extremely soon and that God wants us to be ready. We desperately need Revival. Throughout  the world. A committed Christian once assured me that it will not be until the Whole World is in a state of Revival will our dear Lord Jesus return. Come, Lord Jesus, Come.